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Classic Cubicles

A marriage of simplicity and functionality creates a collection that has ASI’s exclusive Ultimate Privacy™ at its heart. Zero sightlines, doors, and pilasters that meet in a flush finish rebated closure all ensure guaranteed privacy. Style and stability have not been sacrificed in this collection, with robust octagonal head rails adding to our seamless construction.…


Avant Garde Cubicles

This sleek cubicle system seems to defy gravity, with a stylish yet robust head rail system that allows the pilasters and panels to be suspended without requiring pedestal support from beneath. The result is a floating style that appears to hover above the floor. Sophistication meets function in this unique head rail system that is…


Elegance Cubicles

This visually appealing collection is ideal for the most aesthetically demanding applications. The signature top rail provides structural stability and style. If you’re looking for strength, comfort, aesthetics, and durability, the Elegance collection has it all.…


Kids Cubicles

Our child-friendly cubicles are engineered to offer the best and safest features. Doors have only fixed knobs, so caretakers have access to the cubicles. And our child-friendly cubicles can be designed to look like just about anything.…


Lockers + Benches

An almost endless collection of construction options and ease of installation define our locker systems, while exciting colors and elegant finishes add allure. Lockers can be built in any configuration matrix with multiple base options, tiers, and styles to choose from. Door features include concealed, self-closing hinges, and cushioned bumpers to ensure smooth and long-lived…


Duct Panels

ASI Alpaco™ duct panels offer an elegant way to cover the unsightly plumbing in a washroom cubicle without sacrificing the flexibility needed for maintenance access. The stylish high pressure laminate (HPL) we use in our systems is antimicrobial and virtually impermeable; we can also match any of our cubicle colors to create the finished look that your washroom deserves.  We produce…



ASI Alpaco™ cabinets are designed to complement our cubicle systems while providing access to plumbing and adding a stylish storage space for any washroom interior. Manufactured using our Compact HPL for strength and durability with the highest quality construction that’s resistant to impact and scratches. Cabinets are offered in all of our cubicle colors to…


ASI Group Europe reserves the right to make design changes or to withdraw any design without notice.


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